Studio tour: Junko Yoshioka

junko yoshioka salon 2

junko yoshioka salon 2

junko yoshioka salon 3

Name: Junko Yoshioka

Location: 580 Broadway, Soho, NY at Prince Street

Company: Junko Yoshioka Bridal

What is your aesthetic? Clean, Elegant and Detail Oriented

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? Organic, modern, simple and clean

Favorite part of your studio? The oversized white chandelier

Where do you go for inspiration? The museum

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? Scissors and pins

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? Champagne and caviar at every fitting

Anything else we should know? One seamstress does a brides dress from start to finish!

[images from Junko Yoshioka]

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  1. I love her oversized chandelier too! I’ll take one of those please, thank you very much. Isn’t she the designer for Grace Bonney’s incredibly elegant wedding dress?

  2. i have been to this studio, it is amazing, just like her dresses!!!

  3. LOVE the chandelier as well! Love the entire studio.

  4. This studio is pristine, so elegant. The whole experience makes the prospect of wedding dress shopping incredibly inviting.

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