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I was tagged by Rhonda over at Our Wedding Plus for the Green Challenge:

*We recycle! There are bins in the apartment for paper, plastic, etc….its such an easy thing to do!

*When we go grocery shopping, we bring along our reusable Trader Joe’s tote bags…it actually makes carrying groceries a lot less strenuous when you can carry them over your shoulder!

*I got rid of my beautiful green VW Beetle after grad school, so now we use Zipcar to get around if we ever need to get out of the city. Otherwise, its public transportation all the way.

Since everyone I know has already been tagged, let open it up to readers…what do you do to lessen your impact on the environment?

[image from Housemartin]
[have you seen anything more beautiful??]

  1. ready.2.spark

    Thank you so much for continuing my Green Challenge! I’ve posted all of the people who have participated in the challenge to date on my blog (which is being updated every day). Thank you again!

  2. ready.2.spark

    Oh! And don’t forget to pass the challenge on to 5 other people – this way we can keep the challenge alive!

    All my best,

  3. Anonymous

    We compost (San Francisco makes it easy by giving us cans and picking it up). We’ve replaced our regular lightbulbs with more eco-versions and we’ve rarely use our dryer anymore, opting instead to use a drying rack.

  4. Emily

    My fiance and I recycle, he uses energy efficient light bulbs, and I carry my canvas totes with me each time I go shopping! When I do end up with plastic, I store them until I need them again.

    PS: I love your blog! Its on the top of my daily reads!

  5. Andrea

    We compost and recycle. I also bring canvass bags to the grocery store for quick trips and re-use the plastic bags we end up with to pick up after our dog. I try to make sure I have a coffee mug or water bottle with me so I don’t end up with a paper cup and we have also instituted “fuel free Sundays” where we walk or ride our bikes anywhere we need to go! It’s a lot of fun and great exercise!

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