Real wedding: Sarai + Kenn

Sarai of Sweet Sassafras emailed me last week with pictures of her fabulous, handmade wedding, and I just had to share! I won’t gush too much, but this girl is now my craft-idol!! She made everything from her dress and hat, to arranging the flowers. Proof that you CAN have an amazing, handmade affair, and live to tell the tale! You can find more images and information on her site and on flickr.

Hi! I was recently married, and wanted to say thank you for all the
wonderful inspiration your blog provided in the last few months of
wedding planning. Our wedding was amazing, thanks in part to
inspiration from blogs like yours. 🙂

We had a very personal wedding, with lots of participation from our
friends and a whole lot of hand crafted details. A friend officiated,
another friend made the desserts, another did the sound and video, and
lots of people helped us set up and decorate. I made my own dress and
hat (we asked all the guests to wear hats), the invitations, the table
runners, the table numbers, the place cards, and arranged all the
flowers. It was an intense amount of crafting, but the final result
was so meaningful. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Oh, and we
had a photobooth, which I highly recommend!

[images from Sarai, photography by Jillian Kay]

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  1. Sarah Dennis

    Thanks Vane for showcasing Sarai and Kenn’s wedding! This couple is amazing and you can tell that their wedding was a reflection of who they are. The creativity, all the color, the contribution from friends and the originality is what makes the day so special.

    Kudos to Brooklyn Bride for being an inspiration, isn’t that the great thing about blogging! If you get a chance check out the comments left on Abby’s blog, it seems that brides are really loving this medium (I know this bride2be does):

    Keep up the great work and btw, love the new header!

  2. Ariel

    Zomg, this wedding is absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for posting about it … I may now spend 3 hours looking at Sari’s pictures and blog. WOW!

  3. Jillian Kay

    Hi, I followed the link from over to here. 🙂 Take it from someone who was there…the whole wedding was just incredible! And ever so personal, relaxed, and enjoyable. All of the handmade touches really reflected their personalities and it just wouldn’t have been the same without. I was tickled pink to be their photographer!

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