Earring dilemma

I have painfully expensive taste when it comes to certain things…and its making it very difficult to find earrings for my wedding. Every single earring I have loved comes with a 4 figure pricetag before that decimal point or else if its slightly affordable, its the wrong shade of green. So my darling readers, if ANY of you have any leads as to where to find funky earrings like these in a fabulous green for a fabulous price, I will love you forever!

[all earrings from Twist Online]
[clockwise from top left: Anthony Nak, Anthony Nak, Jamie Joseph, Marie-Helen de Taillac, Shaesbury, Pippa Small]

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  1. Hollie

    My friend Tamara (http://www.tammabley.blogspot.com/) makes the most beautiful custom jewelry. You should also check ETSY.com, beautiful handmade jewelry is all over that site

  2. Jillian Kay
  3. TurabianNights

    I second Etsy. The best part about Etsy is that most sellers will custom-make for the same price. These sellers have some neat ones that could work, esp. in a custom color:


  4. Anonymous

    There is also a company called Dasha Boutique http://www.dashaboutique.com which has jewelry at reasonable prices that you can cusomize in different stones. They have many style options. It’s worth checking them out.

  5. dapotato

    try jools.us. hers may be too casual/not as understated and elegant as these, but the prices are awesome.

    i recall buying and returning similar earrings a couple of years ago from anthropologie.

    lastly, hannahkoodesigns.com. she will custom make jewelry for you upon request using stones in just the right green, i’m sure.

  6. Patricia

    Check out Chemistry Bridal: http://chemistrybridal.com/

    The jewelry is amazing & very affordable — and the website is fantastic.

  7. casacaudill

    check out carriedmader.com – she has a line of bridal jewelery that can also be customized. that’s where i and several of my internet friends got our bridal accouterments.

  8. Julia

    Hi Vane,

    Since you like twist – which is in Seattle, I thought I’d pass along another Seattlite 🙂 SchwaDesigns. She does fabulous work and will customize whatever you want. http://schwadesigns.com/earrings.shtml

  9. Courtney

    I don’t know if the green is the right shade for you, but I am considering these earrings from Saylor Sage for my own wedding- pretty and completely affordable. She has a ton of great things on her website that are worth a look.

  10. LStone

    I have your answer!I am the designer of L.Stone Designs out here on Long Island and we make custom bridal designs! You can either meet with me or mail me a swatch and we will design the perfect earrings at the perfect price. Check out my blog for more info:


    I was just choosen as indie star of the week at The Handmade Wedding!!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Lisa Stone

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