Reader question: Tuxes

Emily from Chicago emailed me yesterday asking about other options for suits and tuxes for men other than Mens Warehouse and JCrew…’s some of my recommendations…feel free to include your suggestions in the comments!

If your guy is considering buying a tux, I can only vouch for the NYC area, but Linus is a great option. They have a great classic tux at a reasonable price, and tons of suits. For a more modern look, I recommend looking at places like yes, JCrew, but also Express Men, or similar stores. They will have great suits that won’t break the bank. Also try outlet stores…us tri-state area girls have Woodbury Commons and Century 21, but I’m sure there are equivalents all across the US. Barneys, Saks, even Neiman Marcus have outlets, and you can get an Armani tux for a fraction of the cost.

For rentals, you should know that Mens Warehouse is joining forces with Afterhours, so expect a bigger selection and more locations nationwide starting next year. Also, you really don’t need to be renting a tux more than 2 months before the wedding….Chad and I went a few weeks ago and got laughed at! Save yourself the embarrassment!

Chad wants to go completely James Bond classic: black peak lapel, white shirt (no ruffles!!), no cummerbund, black suspenders, black bowtie…you get the idea. I tried talking him into some green socks but he won’t have it. He’s pretty against boutonnieres too, but he’s not really getting a choice in that 🙂 I do think that classic is the way to go.

I think for some weddings putting your guy in a tie thats made out of your bridesmaids dress material, or just any colored tie for that matter, can end up looking dated in your photos down the road. Don’t get me wrong, many people have done it and it looks great, but if those ties are not done right, they can end up looking cheap. Try bringing some color in with a colored pocket square or socks….minimal pops of color when you need them. Some more tips can be found here….

[image from NY Mag Weddings, MSNBC]

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  1. Blue Orchid Designs

    in Chicago:

    oh, and tux shops may laugh at you for going so early, but if your event is on a busy weekend (wedding or prom season) and they’re out of what you want, it is not so funny anymore. ask me how I know. 😐

  2. Blue Orchid Designs

    came back to add that USA Today ranked JC Penney’s suits as akin to Italian suits (yeah, seriously). and they are only $99, so that could be another viable option. I know some suit snobs who purchased several.

  3. Alyssa Coberly

    if you want something high end there is a store called Sarar at the chicago premium outlets that is amazing and its usually around $700 but then buy one get one free! and ya JC Penneys suits are pretty good … their tailoring isnt though so be careful

  4. Anonymous

    If you want the look james bond sported in the most recent movie (in past movies he’s also worn vests and cummerbunds) and you want to rent you really should start looking around early since technically that’s not a “classic” tuxedo look. A true classic tuxedo has a cummerbund.

    Although not technically correct/appropriate the no cummerbund or vest look has been trendy the last few years, but you need a specific type of shirt and pants to make it work.

    Normal tuxedo shirts have the lower buttons left uncovered and that wouldn’t look so great if you didn’t have a cummerbund or vest to cover them.

    You also need pants with a thicker or higher waist (see how high the pants are here

    Otherwise if you just wore normal tux pants you’d have to leave your jacket buttoned all night because you’d end up looking like you forgot to get fully dressed.

    I know you can find the newer streamlined look in nice stores that sell tuxedos but I’m not sure if all tuxedo rental shops carry the right shirts/pants to carry off this look well. If you waited too late you might not find anything that you can rent or pay out the nose to get something that would work.

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