Gift Countdown #5: Bridesmaid edition – the bag

Everyone and their sister is doing a holiday gift countdown, so I wanted to do one too….but mine won’t be specifically for the holidays….it will be for the bridal party. I’ll be doing a bridesmaid and groomsmen edition, maybe with more to follow. You might recognize some of these from past posts, but they were just too good to not post again…others might be twists on traditional gifts….either way, all these gifts are ones that I would love to have myself, so if your bridal party has killer taste, start taking notes!

So, bags……whether it be toiletry, clutch, or tote, please don’t let it be ordinary! One of my favorites this year is the Hunters Tote from LL Bean…a very nice departure from the standard preppy Boat Totes. Get it in camoflage and have their initials embroidered in bright orange for a nice twist!

clockwise from top left: toiletry bag $46, smyka bag $72, um carry $95, freddy and ma $165, claire clutch $50, hunter’s tote $19-34

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  1. Nicole

    What about the adorable birdy one (lower right)? Where’s that from?

  2. Vane

    sorry, had my credits a bit mixed up…all fixed. its from freddy and ma.

  3. angel

    These are adorable. I particularly like the second one from top left. Bags have always been a popular choice as gifts for bridesmaids. After all, nothing completes an outfit better than a beautiful bag. You can choose from a wide variety of style, and they come in gorgeous colors too! Bridesmaids bags are definitely great gifts. Personally, I love monogrammed totes, because you can personalize them using the recipient’s initials or name. Cool!

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