Gift Countdown #3: Bridesmaids edition – non-pearl earrings

Don’t get me wrong, I love pearls and everything they stand for…but let’s get a little creative with the gifts and get earrings that suit each girls personality! These are all earrings I obsess over and would be HAPPY to have in my jewelry box.

clockwise from top left: lulu earrings $34, chestnut earrings $98, textile museum drops $68, blue topaz earrings $150, dewdrop earrings $68, stacked squares $90

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  1. Laura

    love the little lacy drops. so cute! and–got your holiday card yesterday and it is adorable! gocco?

  2. One Love Photo

    The textile ones are so cte, ended up looking at earings for much too long this morning! Thanks for the links! I think earings are what I want to give to everyone this year for x-mas gifts.

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