MSW sneak peak


How gorgeous is this cake from Mark Joseph Cakes for the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings?  I can see it in so many colors with the white rings, its so perfectly modern.  The magazine isn't even out now, so consider this little sneak peak a gift from the crew at MSW.

[image by Anna Williams/Martha Stewart Weddings Winter 2010]

Mark Joseph Cakes is a member of Brooklyn Bride's preferred vendor listings.

  1. jessy

    Stunning!! So simple, understated and elegant- congrats Mark Joseph!

  2. I LOVE this!

    Hooray for the modern cake!

    Happy Holidays everyone!


  3. I think that has to be the first cake in ages that made me lose my train of thought. Beautiful!

  4. Cam

    I never thought I would want a cake at my wedding but that cakes makes me wonder! It’s just so clean and beautiful! Your right about all the different colors that could be used….so versatile!

  5. I could only imagine the intense focus one would need to get all the layers perfectly set. This is one cake anyone should put on top of their wish list. It’s gorgeous of course.

  6. that cake is stunning! the whole “ring” thing has so many meanings for weddings and families. lovely post.

  7. Suzy

    Love the symbolism and the pale pink yellow. That color keeps talking to me…

  8. Robin

    That cake is beautiful and I love the incorporation of the ring design.

  9. This would be great in Brooklyn Bride green. Also, I’d like to peel off those little circles for a snack…

  10. Omg that is awesome!

  11. this cake looks fabulous and delicious!