flip + tumble bags

flip + tumble makes these super cute ripstop bags that would make great gifts for your wedding party and/or guests! They fold up into little balls so you have no excuse to not carry one in your bag….and for only $15, everyone can be eco-friendly and stylish!

[images from flip+tumble]

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  1. thoughtfulday

    i love these!

  2. One Love Photo

    Great tip, I always feel awful when I use plastic bags for my short trip home from the store. But for some reason it is hard to remember to bring the reusable ones. So this will be perfect. I’ll just put them in my purse and never have that conflict again!

  3. Anonymous

    these are great, but Bagu did it first, and much better since their bags fold flat – they’re also much more stylish!

  4. Anonymous

    I agree, the baggu bags are better, the flat shape fits better (at least in my purse)! Lots of neat colors, and they recently came out with striped bags, very cool.

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