Sigur Ros – Heima

This has NOTHING to do with weddings, but Chad just got himself the Heima documentary by Sigur Ros, and I swear, it is the most beautiful thing ever. We went to see them in concert a few years ago and it truly is an experience [its hard to explain, but you actually feel the music inside your body, its surreal]…I’d recommend anyone going to check them out if they come to a city near you….and be sure to check out the handwritten chapter titles…their simplicity is just stunning.

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  1. Marriah

    I love that you mentioned Sigur Ros – typically when I mention them to people they’re like, “who, what”? They’re one of my favorite bands and you do a great job of explaining the feeling one gets when seeing them in concert – an amazing experience! I haven’t been able to get this album yet, but I’ve heard good things about it.

  2. Kate

    Uhm, they are TOTALLY going to be the soundtrack to our wedding ceremony. At least during the seating of guests and possibly even the actual ceremony.

    My FH actually said to me one day while a track from () was playing, PRIOR TO the engagement, “I think we should play this at our wedding.” Hehe.

    So anyway, in my opinion, your posting was completely warranted and related. 😉

  3. Michelle

    Thanks for posting this! I too am in LOVE with Heima (a holiday gift from my fiance), and recommend it highly.

    And I second that this post IS in fact wedding related! My processional will be to “Hoppipolla,” it’s one of my favorite wedding details. 🙂

    You have great taste!

  4. Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions

    One of our favorites! My, what great taste you have! 🙂

  5. Amber Nichole

    oh i could NOT agree more.
    saw them 2 years ago.
    been addicted ever since.
    such an awesome video.
    so glad to hear more people are finding out about them too.
    totallly deserved.

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