1. Wendy

    Adorable photos of adorable weddings! And who wouldn’t want to have their wedding shot by a company called Gertrude and Mabel!!

  2. Darci

    Wow – so unique. And I have such a soft spot for weddings that incorporate bicycles

  3. One Love Photo

    I love their work! It so fresh and different from the pack of digital photographers making BEAUTIFUL yet very commercial looking images. These have something different in them, their art background and experience shines through. Could it be? Another photographer still using film! I also love weddings with bikes!

  4. lilpeadot

    Can anyone tell me where those amazing red shoes come from? They are extraordinary.

  5. Anonymous

    Can anyone recommend an amazing photographer like this working in MA? Every time I see one of these awesome shots it’s by a Cali photographer!

  6. Vane

    try Liz Linder…but also realize that most photographers WILL travel, so don’t feel like you have to be stuck with something near you.

  7. Gertrude & Mabel

    Thank you all for the nice compliments! It’s nice when the artistic qualities of our photography are appreciated. We are always trying to find unique elements from weddings that keep us inspired. Thank you! Oh, and yes, we love to travel! Stay tuned too for our blog going live soon. Cheers, Judy & Heidi

  8. Melissa Jade

    oh bummer! I got my hopes up looking at their amazing portfolio! I was so ready to call and book them- but SAN FRAN?! LAME- No one great is in NYC… lol

  9. Gertrude & Mabel Photography

    Just wanted Melissa Jade to know that she should contact us – we’ve photographed in NY before because the bride (a Brooklyn-ite) couldn’t find anyone she liked and that shot with film (she was a photographer herself). We’re flexible when it comes to travel and often price our packages as though we’re shooting at home. Feel free to contact us – Judy & Heidi info@gertrudeandmabel.com

  10. One Love Photo

    Don’t asume you can’t afford to fly your perfect photographer across the country to shoot your wedding! Most photographers REALLY want to travel MORE! I always try to keep travel costs VERY LOW (usually charging at least half of what it actually costs) Just so I can go on an adventure!

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