Neighborhoodies concept tee’s

I am so ready to make one of these shirts….Neighborhoodies is taking the traditional I Love NY shirt and letting you make it your own with fun graphics! Or change it around and use your honey’s initials! They’d make great gifts for your bridal party, just personalize each one with a different image or text!

[images from Neighborhoodies]

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  1. bee523

    i had a horrible experience with neighborhoodies for my fiance’s christmas gift, it was very late, they had terrible customer service and was incorrectly spelled. just giving you a heads up!

  2. Jim from Neighborhoodies

    I’m Jim, the production manager at Neighborhoodies here in DUMBO and I am thrilled that you’re psyched about our concept tees! We do a lot of bridal party work and we are totally committed to excellence.

    bee523, I’m so embarrassed that you suffered any inconvenience. Please feel free to contact me directly at, I’d love the opportunity to reverse your experience.

  3. angry123

    Warning to everyone out there!!! I also had the most horrible experience with neighborhoodies this past xmas. I actually thought it would be neat and get my whole family a shirt. But it turned for the worst xmas ever. Being late wasn’t even as issue if the package ever show up. I had no gift to give and the customer service won’t even give me a refund. Being charged for something I did not received. Please keep in mind that I ordered it back in 12/2/07 and I still didn’t get a refund. I AM SO ANGRY AT THIS COMPANY that I am thinking of writing to the better business bureau.

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