100 days

Geez louise, I can’t believe we’re at the 100 day mark until the wedding. So much left to do, and wishing I could celebrate a little more but I’ve been sick all week 🙁 Hope everyone understands if I sit this one out today….

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  1. thoughtfulday

    neti pot vane! 🙂 feel better.

  2. jessica lynn

    feel better and good luck with the rest of your planning!!!

  3. A Windy City Wedding

    Feel better soon and 100 days, that is so exciting!!

  4. talida

    Get well soon! I, myself, am at the 50-odd day mark. Exciting indeed!

  5. One Love Photo

    Let the fun begin! Hope you feel better soon so you can get your planning on! (You probably don’t have much left to plan).

  6. Preppy Wedding

    Wow. It’s a milestone day, so exciting!!

  7. Ms Polka


  8. It's Lovely

    I think everyone in NY has that horrible bug. (myself included). Feel better soon!!

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