The DIY Wedding + contest!

I think generally, [and this could be a BIG generalization] engaged couples want to do some DIY for their wedding…whether to cut some costs or add a personalized touch to the affair. The DIY Wedding, a book by Kelly Bare, can really help with that! Its got great tips on how to make lots of wedding day items, from custom cufflinks, to your own invitations!

Sooooo, here comes another contest! Leave a comment below with what you’re thinking about DIY-ing for your wedding, or if you’re married, what you’ve already DIY’d, and a randomly selected winner will be announced this Friday for a copy of the book. Good luck!!

[image from Chronicle Books]

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  1. Christine

    We have already made our our save-the-dates by scanning, photoshopping, and printing at home some clever photo booth photos (goofy pictures of us holding signs with the vital info). We are also going to DYI the invitations, table gifts, name cards, and centerpieces. My fiance is a huge bicycle fanatic, so our centerpieces will be spraypainted white and decorated bike wheels suspended over each table! My sister is great at binding books and so will make the guest book. I hope to come up with more ideas by the big day in July 2008.

  2. Katherine

    Not yet but when the time comes, the plan so far is to DIY as much as we can! I sew, he bakes, so the cake and dress are probably our two big projects, actually (yeah, I know, crazy). I hope to do more, like invitations and at least some of the decor, and favors (if we have them) myself! Right now it seems exciting and a fun break from work, but I expect it may turn into its own job 🙂

  3. lyrebard

    We DIY-ed our save-the-date postcards through VistaPrint; created our invites with PhotoShop and had them printed at a friend’s professional print shop; will be DIY-ing all other printed material; and still plan to DIY our (flower-free) centerpieces…but need inspiration for that!

    I also created a website from scratch, and am updating it as we get more information.

  4. Diane

    As much as possible! I’m considering making my own dress, my cake, centerpieces, and the invites. We’re paying for everything and I have strong ideas, so the best way to do something special is for me to do it myself.

  5. Royal Icing

    Ok….my fiance and I are DIYing it to the max. We made our own vintage Save the Date Post cards, going to design and letterpress our invitations, I am decorating our cake and we are also going to do our flowers and bake the cookies for our cookie buffet favors. I have an idea that this book would come in handy.

  6. kelly

    I got married in October and did as much DIY as possible. I created the table centerpieces with a slice of wood, glass hurricanes, pillar candles, and wooden flowers. It ended up being a beautiful woodsy piece! I also did my invitations. I tore fabric to back each invitation, designed the pattern/wording, wrapped a shell button on each, and sent them out with a custom stamp! I DIY the flowers, placecards, jewelry, customized my dress, and lots of other things. Saved us a great deal of money and made the day unique.

  7. ceb

    I’m a DIY-er for all stationary; save the dates, thank yous, invitations.
    Also centerpieces – some sort of branch/vase display.
    And cookie cutter with family cookie recipe favors.
    And my wedding dress (with the help of a fabulous friend).
    Um, would even love to be my own caterer, but couldn’t figure out a way to do that, so we’ve hired!

  8. Laura

    I’m DIYing the centerpieces, the ceremony decorations (swags of tulle held up by white dowels to lead the way from the parking lot to the ceremony site), the bouquets, the invitations, the Save The Date magnets, the favors (cookies!), my veil, my make-up, my shoes (decorated flip-flops), and the ceremony programs.
    I had to be talked out of sewing my own dress but a worried bridesmaid who has seen how poorly I sew.

    I need all the help I can get, because sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.

  9. Eipryl T.

    We DIY’d our favor boxes, programs, and send-off c.d’s. Now I’m helping to plan my sister’s wedding, and I’m even more excited, because this time it won’t be so stressful!

  10. alexis

    As much as possible! We’ve already done the Save the Dates. We will be making the invitations, making a website, making the table decorations/flowers, cookie bar, bridesmaids gifts, guestbook, veil, boutonnieres, thanks you, and anything else I can think of. Having this book would be sweet.

  11. Big Shot

    I plan to DIY my escort cards.

    The escort cards are pink, business card size.

    Attached to the cards and on the left hand side will be a small button pin (1.25″ diameter)that will read “I Know The Bride” or “I Know The Groom”, depending on the relative guest.

    The “I Know The Bride” pins are pink w/chocolate writing. The “I Know The Groom” pins are chocolate w/pink writing.

    My colors are predominately pink and brown.

    Next to the pins will have the guests’ name in calligraphy as well as their table number on the back of the card.

    The buttons are small and cute. I figured it could be a good ice breaker for guests who don’t know each other.

  12. Laura Summers

    I’m going to DIY my wedding invitations, table runners, polorid guest book and favors. I’m having a wedding in Maine and am serving lobster for dinner. I plan on making classy lobster bibs (I know what you’re thinking..classy and lobster bibs don’t go together) so they won’t look plastic and cheap.

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