Wedding Party recap: Hatch Creative Studio

Hatch Creative Studio is a fabulous studio here in NYC that truly thinks outside the box when designing events and florals. And its no wonder I love their work…Barb used to do visuals for Anthropologie! I absolutely loved the displays they did at the Carlyle…those succulents under belljars would make such a beautiful and interesting centerpiece, and the flowers in the frame would make a great display as your guests entered the room!

[images from Brooklyn Bride]

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  1. One Love Photo

    These are great! I just bought myself a belljar a couple months ago and have been enjoying putting different things under the glass. Great floral inspiration!

  2. Darcy Miller

    Hi Vane,

    It was so great seeing you at the event on Saturday. Thanks for coming. As I said in my talk, I’m a big fan of your blog. In fact, I just added Brooklyn Bride to the Bride’s Guide blog roll because I wanted to share your blog with other brides.
    Thanks again for coming to the event!

    All the Best,

  3. Liz Libré

    I was just looking around for calligraphers – and found your site. I LOVE Barb! She’s a friend of my brother’s and is so talented! Congrats – everything looks amazing!

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