Real wedding: Otto

As promised, here are wonderful photos of the Otto wedding by Mel Barlow….I just love the colors, that huge flower in her hair, and the fabric flowers used to decorate the reception! It’s very Anthropologie/Free People-esque…..

[images by Mel Barlow]

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  1. Wendy

    A throwback to the flower children of the 60’s!

  2. Lucia

    oh i love this! so unique and so inspiring! so much more goodies when i went to mel’s site. i would love to talk to the person who did these flowers. do you know who did?

  3. Christine Farah Photography

    The colors were just so amazing! Here is the company that did the event design They are ridiculously creative and do such beautiful work!

  4. Bellissima Vita

    I can never seen enough Calistoga Ranch weddings! Beautiful.

  5. Wedded Twist

    I actually worked on this wedding. It rained that day and we had to move the ceremony into the restaurant! It was supposed to be on the lawn outside. We had to scramble to move everything inside and the backdrop was a total on the spot creation with some extra fabric we had. Worked out well in the end, didn’t it?

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