1. LOVING that second dress! Totally chic, and the color is just perfect!

  2. Roxanne

    I gotta say, I am really disappointed with J. Crew’s color selection for their bridesmaid dresses this season. These dresses you’ve identified are the best they’ve got.

    My best friend’s wedding is in the next few months and she was planning to have each bridesmaid pick a J. Crew dress in a different bright festive color of their choice just as long the same type of fabric was used. J. Crew’s current collection is sorely lacking and none of the materials have more than 3 somewhat bright colors (there are 4 of us bridesmaids), but there are lots of darker, duller colors. So, we’re looking elsewhere.

  3. Terry

    cute dresses — especially the aqua blue one

  4. Samantha

    Does anyone know the name of the minty green dress? Or the style or item number for it?? I know it is last year but I love it! Please help!

  5. that green is sooo cute- its like a mint- i have to agree with samantha it would be nice to wear it for my friends wedding in two weeks-
    fab colour

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