Weekend reminders

Don’t forget, you have until Sunday night to leave a comment for a chance to win $50 worth of products at Beaucoup. Leave your comment in the post below. Winner will be announced Monday.

Also, this Saturday and Sunday from 12-5p is the Stationery & Skirts event in Brooklyn with Kimera Design and NicEvents.

[Forget Me Knot ring by Kiel Mead]

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  1. Lady

    Pick me pick me pick me!!!

  2. Melissa

    I love this site and I’m not even engaged… I’m already hitched!

  3. Brittany Rose

    I started reading your blog about 6 months ago when I subscribed to it through Google Reader. I just love all the ideas and tips you have. Hopefully I will be able to use some of your great ideas and suggestion when I get married.

  4. Jessamyn Harris

    I just wanted to say that I love that ring – just yesterday I was reminding my husband how much I want one, and saying, “oh, how sad, what if no one ever buys me one?”. I think I’ll just get it myself… Anyway, it was funny to see it on your site today. I saw it through my friends’ store, the Curiosity Shoppe in SF.

    Carry on! 🙂

  5. EJ

    I am getting married this July and as a struggling grad student I would love to win. Your website is great!

  6. Marit

    I design wedding invitations, and found your blog through some searching. Love all your ideas! See mine at: http://www.marithanson.com

    My site is being built now, but you can get a feel for my stuff. 🙂

  7. Michele

    OMG! I absolutely love visiting BB. I have centered my wedding around my favorite color “GREEN” and look to your site for inspiration all the time. Keep em coming I cant get enough.

  8. Annalenchen

    I am reading your blog for a while know and I really love it! Thanks for all the inspiration.

    Now I am asking for advice. I hab a Blogger Blog, too. And I would like to have links etc. on the left and right site, like you have it. But I have no clue how to make it? Can you please tell me, how you made it? ;o)

    greeds Anna-Lena

  9. may

    i just got engaged and i’m already overwhelmed. my fiance and i are both grad students and we are trying to figure out how to have a great wedding for ourselves, friends and family. this site is a wonderful pick me up!

  10. pasadena

    I tey your blog thanks to snipped and ink and I love it! Thank you!

  11. Bree - Rheumatoid Arthritis

    I really enjoy reading your blog! As a bride-to-be its great to have resources….

  12. Carolyn

    I found your site thru another. It’s awesome. I’m a florist/event designer in another state and have begun referring my bride’s to all of the great blogs and sites I find [you are on the list]as visual inspiration for them. I know what we can do for a client but, they need to be continually inspired from outside our region of the country.There are amazing ideas out there to make their own- they just need to look.

  13. Erika

    I love your site. A Brooklyn friend told me about it in a Brooklyn bar. Really love the favors at Beaucoup!! Thanks for this post.

  14. Nina

    I’m getting married in August and would love to win this!

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