Happy V Day!

For your Valentine’s Day viewing pleasure…a surprise cross country proposal, 3 years in the making!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

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  1. Kathryn

    I too am in tears. That was amazing.

  2. Pita

    this is the cutest proposal ever!

  3. Vane

    i’ll admit, i got a little teary eyed myself

  4. Freck

    Wow. Totally crying. He did so awesome, especially with the ‘rents waiting at the restaurant. Congrats to them!

  5. Angela

    SOOO CUTE! this hits me probably a little harder for me than everyone else because my fiance and i live in sd also and we looove nyc.

  6. That’s too awesome! The parents, the road trip AND the “Glee” soundtrack?! Love it, got choked up too…

  7. Julia R

    Adorable! I love them both. =)

  8. bird

    Jackie and I….

  9. English Major

    Jackie and Me is actually correct…

  10. omg i just totally balled my eyes out. that’s so beautiful!!!!! congrats to them! xo

  11. This is so adorable and creative and romantic! I only wish the wedding were sooner because I want to see more! I love this.

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