Real wedding: Myra + Matt

A few days ago I posted about Myra Callan’s fabulous bridal headpieces, and after checking out her wedding photos, knew I had to have her post something about it! It just proves how great DIY can truly be…here’s Myra with the details….

My hubby, Matt Callan, and I tied the knot in Gervais, OR at Willamette Mission State Park on September 8, 2007. We held our ceremony under an enormous Black Walnut tree in the middle of the afternoon on a perfectly sunny and warm day with around 180+ guests. The wooden arbor was created by Matt! He even hung the ribbons!

All the bouquets and flower arrangements were created by the bridal party the day before the event. We were trying to save on costs and bought the more expensive flowers at a florist and more basic flowers through Safeway in bulk. My mom use to do wedding and church flower arrangements, so I most definitely utilized her expertise.

Almost everything was handmade by me, but some items were created with the help of family. For name card holders/decorations/favors, I planted around 200 corkscrew willow clippings in mini terra cota pots and finished them with live moss. Matt and I wanted something that would look cute and that guests could take home, plant, and cherish for years (and corkscrew willow trees are so whimsical to look at and so easy to grow!). I created all the name cards by hand which were these little flags that guests would “plant” into the name card pots. They were displayed in a large wooden box that my dad built and planted with moss. All the centerpieces, I planted myself using purchased pots and plants from Home Depot and Lowes. It actually cut down on costs for traditional all flower centerpieces and we let guests take them home to enjoy for months, maybe years to come. The tables also had several glass vases on each which I purchased at IKEA. The table names I made by hand using bird prints and used Crate and Barrel name card holders to display them. Many of them blew away during the evening with the breeze! The mini box favors were assembled with family help and were composed of jordan almonds in our wedding colors, tissue paper, and a little tag with our anniversary date and “thank you” note. The napkin and utensil sets were straight out of Martha Stewart Weddings. I loved the look and ordered a ton of tissue paper wholesale online, found the perfect napkins at IKEA, got utensils from our caterer and with a ton of help from family, made all of the literally up until the day before.

The giant green lanterns I purchased in bulk through a couple online sources, one of which was Ebay and were strung by family. The lights also had dangling ribbons, which I literally purchased by the roll through Ebay sellers (so much cheaper!). The cake topper birds were created by Ann Wood Handmade and the wedding cake was created by Myriad Cakes.

All the programs and invitations were also made by the bride using purchased fonts, clipart, paper from PaperZone, and a really great HP deskjet printer. After not being able to find the perfect head piece to wear and while wanting to DIY on everything, I created my own hair accessory (sans the veil) and all the bridesmaid hair pieces. My wedding gown was custom designed by myself and Elizabeth Dye ( – she of course did all the sewing and most of the work!

[images by Paul Rich Studio]

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  1. tusset

    What a wonderful wedding! Is it possible to see more pictures form the wedding anywhere?

  2. Vane

    sure. I’ll post some more tomorrow

  3. Melissa

    I love you and your family pitched in and helped with the wedding. We did this for my wedding. My dad and I built the arbor that my husband and I got married, my bridesmaids and I did all the flowers and my roommate made the cake. It was hectic, but it made for a very meaningful day.

    And now my husband and I film weddings, we just couldn’t get enough!

  4. ...:::The Unmarried Mother:::...

    How inspiring! I love all your ideas!What a beautiful wedding, I hope you had a fabulous day!

  5. Kathryn

    What a charming wedding! I love it!

  6. Hannah

    Yes! More pictures please!

  7. Myra - twigs & honey

    Hi Vane! Thank you so much for the lovely post. Aw~ makes me relive those moments all over again (hmm… and makes me remember all those late nights making the name cards)! hahaha! For all the brides reading this fab blog, I totally recommend the DIY route. It was so very rewarding and you really do get exactly what you want, in addition to cutting costs! You may not want to go as crazy as I did and do everything, but even a few personal self made touches here and there can be really meaningful, rewarding, and cost friendly! Of course, for our wedding, we did splurge more on various key things or “must haves” (photography, the dress, rentals), but we could only do that because we saved so much elsewhere. Thanks for all those posting such nice comments! If anyone is interested in some cost cutting tips (wedding cake, invitations, decorations, etc.) let me know through my blog or an Etsy convo!

  8. Anonymous

    I know you said you got bulk green lanterns- some from ebay- where did you get the rest?

  9. Myra - twigs & honey

    The rest of the lanterns I purchased from the following: The Paper Lantern store ( and Asian Lanterns ( I also bought the cords/bulbs from the Paper Lantern store. Ebay was nice because they were cheaper there, but at the time, I couldn’t find the range of colors I wanted, which is why I bought from a couple other sources. I hope this helps!


  10. Valerie

    Is it possible to see the pictures of the wedding?

  11. theysaywordscanbleed

    these are gorgeous wedding ideas!

  12. nomi

    I love love love the centerpieces. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do ’em in advance, how to get around the fresh flower problem… (Hard to dyi day-of when you’re the bride!)

  13. Carlene

    super cute!! I love the birdies!!

  14. twobrides

    heart your centerpieces- I’m doing something similar with table terrariums. Seeing yours makes me not so nervous!

  15. Myra - twigs & honey

    Thank you so much to everyone for all the sweet comments on our wedding photos! I hope that I’m not being redundant here because I just tried to post a comment – but it didn’t go through – so there may be double!

    I did want to say to Nomi that if you do go the route of planting your centerpieces, to do so about 2-4 weeks out. Depending on what plants you use, they may need a little time to fill out. Also, if you are planning to get your nails done, you want to do the plantings far enough out because your nails will get really dirty! 🙂 Also, you don’t want to plant too far out because you’ll probably be pretty busy the last couple months before your wedding and you may not want to have to care for all those new plants (trust me when I say you have to be really good about watering all those centerpieces). It is rewarding, though!
    I did want to say to twobrides: That is awesome that you are doing terrariums! We wanted to initially, but it was a little out of our budget! I’m glad that my centerpieces give you a bit more confidence in going the terrarium route. That is wonderful. You will have to show everyone pictures after your big day.

  16. Elizabeth @ Elizabeth Anne Designs

    myra’s wedding was gorgeous. i love twigs & honey!

  17. d.Sharp

    Beautiful wedding! Love Anne’s birds – it looks like the paper pedestal is one of my toppers. Fun.

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