50 days

Here we are at day 50 til the wedding, and truth be told, I’m absolutely exhausted! While wedding planning is really fun, its also taxing physically and mentally. This week I had my hair trial, makeup trial, AND meeting with the florist….all amazing vendors by the way, but on days without meetings, I’ve been sitting at the computer working on all the little stuff thats piling up. Its funny, you think you’re so organized, and then you remember something else, or want to add something else, and it just throws you off. So I’m going to apologize ahead of time for sporadic posting from now until the wedding….hope you can all understand.

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  1. glamourthis

    No worries… Im at the 100 day mark and I’m freakin out so I could only image you. The readers are extremely understanding and will be awaiting your posts when comes time. =)

  2. glamourthis

    oops I meant imagine… sorry

  3. julia

    Don’t worry about it, Vane! Good luck with all the planning – I know your wedding will be just lovely 🙂

  4. Susan

    Just remember to breate…anyone that doesn’t understand – doesn’t have a ring on their finger!

  5. Rebecca

    I have 6 months til my wedding and alot is already done. Although I must admit I’m kind of the anti bride and will not have any flowers, and will be doing my own hair and makeup in order to save money and fuss. But take a breath, I’m sure your wedding will be beautiful.

  6. d.Sharp

    I can only imagine how incredible all of the wedding details will be. Take care of yourself in the meantime!
    Best, Denise

  7. Wendy

    I’m not even getting married, but keeping track of all my clients who are is enough to keep me away from the blogosphere! You have great vendors and your day will be perfect! Enjoy these last 50 days!

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