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I wish more grooms would take the initiative and write THEIR side of the story when it comes to weddings…I’m sure we’re all wondering whats going on in their heads during this process. Mike introduced me to The Grooms Truth, his blog about “the truth behind weddings and the girl you’re marrying”….And of course, there’s Groom Groove, a great place for grooms and the males in the bridal party to find out all the tricks of the trade….

Do you guys know of any others out there?

[image from Groom Groove]

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  1. Pink Lady Lauryn

    Ha!! I LOVE it! Never even thought about what the GROOMS are saying!! Thanks for the links! SO great!

  2. Meg

    Um, I just am not feeling the grooms truth. One of the things about engagment is trying to run fast and far from the gender sterotypes.
    The real truth is my groom might show me up in the wedding planning department, I’m a stricter budgeter then him, and he’s always the one to suggest project runway. I mean ugh.
    Maybe he should blog about weddings.

  3. Wendy

    Great concept! I like to focus on the groom in my business. I always encourage them to be part of meetings and decisions. I also give them attention on the big day! It is their wedding too-but, no worries girls- it’s still all about the bride-RIGHT?!

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