Makeup trial

Last week was a big week of appointments for me….first off was makeup. I’m having my makeup done by my friend Claribel who works at Fresh….I’ve always loved Fresh products because they are all natural and Claribel consistently does a great job with my makeup. I had a few clippings of makeup I’ve loved, and when I saw Keri Russell on the red carpet at the Oscars, I knew that was it for me. I think the results pretty close, don’t you? hehe.

  1. knotology

    very nice! That’s the look I’m going for for my wedding, too. What kind of foundation/concealer did she use, do you know? That is my biggest worry when it comes to makeup, some of them reflect flash and make me look even paler than I already am! Since you and I have very similar coloring you’ve probably experienced the same thing!

  2. Vane

    i’m not sure if she used any concealer, but she did use powder instead of traditional foundation. i always tend to look a tad transparent, being so “snow white-ish” and all. All the products were from Fresh, so I would go to one of their stores and have them try some out.

  3. Lynn

    I love the eyes! A little tip for you, if you can wear a shirt the same color as your dress it will give you a better idea of what you need. For example I require more bronzer or blush when I wear white because it makes me paler than usual.

  4. thoughtfulday

    you are one hot babe! chad is a lucky man!

  5. Chelsea

    Looks great!

  6. talida

    love the look 🙂

  7. Wendy

    You will be beautiful,Vane! Love the eyes! Your friend did a great job and I agree with thoughtgulday- Chad is a lucky guy!

  8. Molly

    vane – is she someone i could contact for a makeup lesson for my own wedding, do you think?

  9. Melissa Jade

    I’m actually looking for someone makeup competent for my wedding. Could you email me HER email- she did a lovely job.

    Waketheedead at yahoo

  10. Anonymous

    love the make up. Although (i do not mean to be a downer) Fresh products are not that natural, Check Skin Deep
    and unfortunately, most of Fresh products rank pretty high in their list of dangerous products.
    Just thought this info should ne out there for brides-to-be…

  11. Myra - twigs & honey

    This is belated because I’ve been slacking on reading up on my favorite blogs, but you look radiant!! You look so elegant and lovely. I just had to gush to you!! So less than one month now, yes? How insane is that? Our wedding photographers and my hubby and I were just talking about you and wondering what will become of your fabulous blog seeing that you’ll be getting hitched soon!! We hope it will live on even after your wedding! Congrats!

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