Wishpot is a great way to let people know what you’re dying to get…without the hassle of a traditional registry. You don’t have to worry about selecting items from certain stores since you can “register” for anything from ANY store online! They’ve got a fun list of bridal experts ranging from Ecochic Weddings to Weddingbee to….well, me! You can check out what all of us are coveting….mine’s a little bare to start, but I plan on adding to it once the wedding activity dies down a bit.

[images from Wishpot]

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  1. Melissa

    I am so thankful that you posted this. I am going to share it with my brides. What a great idea! I remember that it took forever to do my registry. This would save so much time.

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  2. Nicole Kraft

    Hi Vane,

    Just wanted to let your readers know that they can set up a Wishpot registry through mywedding.com’s free wedding websites. When you sign up for a wedding website, your WIshpot registry will show up on one of your website pages. That way, it’s a little easier for everyone–less website memberships to keep track of.

    Happy Wedding Planning,
    Nicole Kraft

  3. gift girl

    Hey Vane.. thank you soo much for being a fab Wishpot wedding expert. I just wanted to let your readers know that if they have any questions they can email me: christine@wishpot.com

    and happy shopping!

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