My stuff for sale

Early on, I got really excited about buying everything bridal, and now I’m stuck with a lot of extras. All in excellent condition and worthy of my stamp of approval!! I have a full coverage birdcage veil, still in the box, that I purchased off Etsy, but sadly, will not be using, and then bought way too many of these Knock Knock bridal thank you cards for my bridal shower [I don’t think these are available anymore]. If anyone in the NYC area is interested in either of these items, lemme know. I’ve got 3 packs of 12 cards each for $20 total, and the veil for $20….pick up only. Serious inquiries only.

UPDATE: Veil is sold….cards are still available.

[images from Knock Knock]

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  1. Amanda

    Is the veil from Something Bold? Where did you end up finding your new veil?

  2. Vane

    yup, its from Something Bold…i ended up getting my veil from Brideshead Revisited.

  3. hello

    Hi! If you decide you’d like to sell it non-locally, I’d definitely be interested in your veil. I’m in CA.

  4. tav818

    I’m interested in your veil. Is it white or Ivory? I live in Hoboken, but live in NYC, so I can pick up.

  5. PJ

    Did you use those Knock Knock thank you cards for your bridal shower? Just wondering if any of your guests found them “offensive” because they were fill-in-the-blanks.

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