Urban Wed contest

I’ve got 5 pairs of tickets to give away to Urban Wed next week on March 23-24!  We’ve got delicious food and wine tastings, champagne, makeup trials, Studiobooth photoshoot area and much more!  If you’re interested, leave a comment below with which date you’d like to attend and who you’d bring with you!  One special bride will receive a deluxe giftbag with LOTS of extra goodies!

And stay tuned at 1pm…I’ve got a VERY cool wedding shot by Belathée Photography coming up.


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  1. Hi –

    I would love to go. I think I can make the 23rd of March and I will have one person with me.


  2. I am sorry I meant March 24th.. thanks and sorry for the confusion! :))

  3. Valerie

    I would love to go (I just got engaged yesterday!) on March 23, and would bring one person. Thanks!

  4. Valerie

    oh! AND it’s my birthday today!!

  5. amy

    I’d love to go on the 23rd and would bring my mom … thanks!

  6. Dina

    I would absolutely love to go on either day. I’d bring my sister, who is my best friend and bridesmaid. Thank you!!

  7. Vane – Hope all is well and thank you for posting! Would it be possible to get (2) tickets? Though a planner, I would like to attend this event with one of my brides? Best Regards,

  8. We would be looking to go on Wed, March 24th

  9. Alicia

    With only 6 months left to our big day, this bride-to-be needs all the help she can get. I’d love to attend on Tues. March 23rd. It’d be just me. Thank you.

  10. This Brooklyn lady would love to go, on either date! I would be bringing my hubby-to-be. My wedding is in October, attending this event would be much appreciated!

  11. Um- wow. This is a fantastic opportunity! I would love the chance to be at the March 23rd show. I would bring my sister. This event is going to be amazing!!!!

  12. Danielle

    If you have any left- I’d love to go on the 24th! thanks 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for the opportunity! I’d love to on the 23rd, and I’d bring my maid of honor for a weeknight girls’ night out!

  14. Erin

    If there are any left, I would love to go either day and bring my friend (also named Erin!) with me! Thank you!

  15. Carol

    If possible, I’d love to bring my friend and bridesmaid Mary on the 24th!

  16. Bron

    I’d love to come along! Just one ticket for me – my beloved fiance, family and bridesmaids are all in Australia. I’m only here in nyc for a few months – gathering PhD data (and wedding inspiration for artsy-alternative, relaxed-yet stylish wedding in Australian in Jan). Any day is fine.

  17. Esther

    I’d love to come. If you have one or two tickets that would be great. thanks!!

  18. Sara

    I would love to go to either date!! I would take my future sister in law who is also one of my bridesmaids and I actually work with her too! We would both love to get to see all of these amazing vendors!

  19. Emily

    I’d love to go on Wednesday the 24th. It would just be me – my fiance just started a new job that keeps him away from home until late, so this would be a nice weeknight out for me. Thanks!

  20. Sarah

    I’d love to go either day, actually, and I’d bring my fiance! We wanted to go to a bridal show/fair in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, but he had to work – booo
    🙂 Sarah

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