[ONE] year + {ONE} contest

Could it be true? Have I actually stuck with something for an entire year?

My first blog sort of fizzled out, but I’m happy to say that Brooklyn Bride has made it to her 1st birthday! I think the question I get most from people is whether or not I’ll continue the blog after I’m married…my response is always if there is cool stuff to post, I’ll be here posting it! I’ve been obsessed with weddings since I can remember, so I see no point in stopping now. Anyway, I’m having far too much fun meeting people and finding the best there is out there for modern weddings.

Thanks so much for sticking with me this past year…couldn’t have done it without you! As a fun thank you, I’m holding a little contest…leave a comment below with what you like about Brooklyn Bride, what you would change, what you would add or like to see more of, whatever you want! Next Wednesday, I’ll pick a winner to receive a specially designed hairpiece by Myra Kim of Twigs and Honey*! She’s so wonderful and has designed this amazing hairband just for Brooklyn Bride’s birthday! Thanks Myra!

[images from heycupcake bakery and etsy]
[* winner pays $4.60 shipping]

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  1. obbosí

    Happy happy birthday. I only just discovered your site, looking for inspiration for my wedding in summer 2009 🙂

  2. Carli

    Happy Birthday!!

    I am a wedding photographer, always searching for the latest and hottest in wedding trends and you are tabbed on my favorites for a minimum of bi-weekly viewing. 🙂 I don’t know that I would change anything on your blog as you are consistently posting on a variety of topics. AND I’ve bookmarked about a quarter of your wedding photographers for inspiration. They are all fantastic! 🙂

    You should totally keep posting long after you are married… you obviously have found a niche for yourself and with so many readers— please! Keep us informed!! 🙂


  3. BEL

    i love your blog. i’m glad to hear you’ll be posting long after you’re married. thanks for the great ideas! that headpeice is truly amazing!

  4. Pamcasso

    Hi Vane! I love your blog, it’s my absolute favorite wedding blog. I’d love to see more sneak peeks at your wedding, but I also don’t want it ruined- I look forward to lots of pics after the day. I hope you keep going with the blog after your wedding- maybe you could follow the preparatins of other brooklyn brides too!

  5. Jen Lieberman

    Congratulations! And Happy Birthday to Brooklyn Bride. You are awesome. You’re blog is awesome. Here’s to many more Happy Birthdays and good times for the Brooklyn Bride. Can’t wait for your wedding!

  6. Heidi Yarger

    Happpppy Birthday!
    Love reading your blog…always find something fun, unique, and inspiring.

    As for improvement i’d suggest incorporating some overall top navigation of categories. (sorry i’m a designer geek who loves organization). Might help readers get to the info they want (in addition to blog scrolling).

    LOVE those hairpieces, am hoping for one for my wedding!

  7. Karen Captured Moments

    Happy 1st Anniversary! ..truly one of the best blog resources on the net! Not only great info. but your personality and style really come through your writing..every bride should be grateful for this site!

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you, Brooklyn Bride! You’ve helped me see that weddings don’t have to be scary affairs that burn your wallet. I check in everyday to see what you have cooking on your blog and I always leave inspired. I was never a girl who dreamed of her wedding day, yet now I am a bride-to-be who thinks she might actually be having a pretty cool event. I know I will continue to come back to your blog for fun ideas even after my big day. My favorite part of your blog are the DIY projects and the real weddings. They are always stunners.
    Thanks for making weddings cool!

    psst: love Twigs & Honey! thanks for introducing me to them as well.

  9. nicolesota

    Well what more is there to say than “Van Rocks!”

    Thanks for the support and the referrals! Best to you this year and Happy Birthday!!!

    Oh, check out our new blog at http://www.overexposedblog.com we would love an add if you feel the need;)


  10. Ellen

    Happy blogiversary! I love your approach to weddings: always fresh, modern and from a new, unique angle. Constantly inspiring!

    I would just love to see more of everything — especially real weddings and DIY project highlights from brides everywhere. Guest posts, perhaps?

    thanks for everything!

  11. John

    Congratulations on your 1-year! That’s amazing! I love all of your pictures and posts. You find the most unique and inspirational things. Thanks for sharing them with all of us this past year!

  12. Liz

    Congrats on your one year anniversary! I moved to Brooklyn and then got engaged a week later so finding your blog was just icing on the cake (or in this instance – a cupcake!). I appreciate your links to other blogs with helpful hints and I have spent many countless nights going through all of your recommended vendors. In fact I have booked two of your listings because of your glowing reviews!

    I would love to see more DIY projects for save the dates, invites, favors and décor details. These little things add up very quickly so finding a crafty solution is definitely valuable. Interviews with real brides after tackling DIY projects would also be beneficial so I know beforehand what I’m getting myself into! And links to home décor sites, etsy shops and online stores that provide DIY materials would be great as well.

    Thanks again for creating Brooklyn Bride – your blog is like my DIY wedding coordinator!
    And good luck with your own wedding!

  13. M

    Happy Birthday! Love this blog and find it so helpful as I am planning my own wedding. And ooh, I was just going to visit the website for these hairpieces today because I want one! Pretty please pick me!!!

  14. Bella

    I am SO happy that I found you! I am getting married in January and just love having inspiration, as we are planning everything on our own. I would love to see some more Real Weddings on budgets…that’s what it’s all about these days right?! Thank you SO much for all your inspiration!!!

  15. Chrissy, EAP

    Congratulations on your impeccable success! This blog is one of the most informative I’ve come across, and I wish you continued success!

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