Carrie bicycle basket

Why did I not think of this before? Instead of a traditional guestbook, I’m going to be Gocco-ing cards with images of industrial cranes and anchors in honor of our Brooklyn Navy Yard wedding, but we have no idea what we’re going to have people put them in, but the Carrie bicycle basket works PERFECTLY since it comes in white AND green. [via jinsoojung, an EXCELLENT wedding blog and wonderful contributer to the Modern Wedding pool over at flickr.]

[image via jinsoojung]

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  1. Wendy

    Another smashing idea! See, what would the brides do without you if you stopped blogging after your wedding! That basket is so cute!

  2. Kate

    Are you going to attach it to a bike or just have it on a table? It would be so cute on an old fashioned bike!

  3. sooj.

    thanks for the shout out! i love your blog, too and it’s a constant source of inspiration for the non-traditional non-cliche wedding.

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