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I’m judging the latest Minted Design Challenge with the ladies of 100LC for kickass for breakout wedding invitations.  With over 500 entries, I’ve picked my favorites here, but need some help narrowing it down to 1. I was looking for interesting layouts, clever takes on traditional invites, quirky details, and ultimately for an invitation that I wouldn’t mind using myself.  It looks like I’ve got a major affinity towards “+” signs rather than “&”!!  Which out of these are your favs? above: Better Together


I loved Simple Striped (thought I’d love to see it in something other than pink…green perhaps?) and the modernity of Green Love.

left: Simply Striped,  right: Green Love


The layout of this invite was very appealing to me because its something you don’t see all the time.  above: Mr. & Mrs.


I loved the simplicity of Love Struck, and the modern interpretation of traditional Dutch designs in Folk Frame.

left: Love Struck, right: Folk Frame


This one was completely clever and just made me smile!

above: Picture perfect

[images from Minted]

Minted is a Brooklyn Bride advertiser

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  1. Sarah

    Mr. & Mrs. is my favorite of these. I might’ve gone for Picture Perfect if the language wasn’t so trad – (don’t dig the whole ‘he asked her to be his lovely wife’ party…) But the idea is cool.

  2. Better Together and Love Struck are my favorites. so simple, but playful and cute!

  3. Molly

    Love Struck is definitely my fave. I’m getting married in the fall and would love this letterpressed.

  4. JHC

    Love Struck jumps out. Simple, elegant and very contemporary. I like Simple Stripe as well and you’re right, a different color choice would make it stronger.

  5. Ranu

    I love Love Struck and Better Together. But honorable mentions to Picture Perfect and Mr. and Mrs. No wonder you’re having trouble deciding, they’re all adorable!! 🙂

  6. I can’t wait to sift through all the entries on minted – that site is addictive. I totally enjoy Mr. & Mrs., but also the colors and fantastic kitch of Folk. I’m so mad at myself still for not getting it together to put in entries … maybe they’ll do another one again?

  7. Lauren

    “Better Together” seems a little elementary, but its cute. I am a big fan of Love Struck as I have never seen anything like this for a wedding invite – would be perfect for a couple that got engaged on Valentine’s Day. Picture Perfect, very clever but may be a little too much to read and just doesnt convey “wedding invite.”

  8. Great work! All of them are so unique!

  9. Jackie

    I really like that Love Struck has that adorable Shabby Chic look to me – would be great for an outdoor wedding or a wedding being held somewhere a little unique. Love it!

  10. Annie

    I love Love Struck! I’m getting married- it’s so sweet and unique!

  11. Annie

    I meant to say I’m getting married too and would love those invites! 😉

  12. Tara

    Mr. and Mrs. I love it!

  13. I love simply striped!

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