Vintage mushrooms

These sell fast, but usually you can find the cutest set of vintage mushroom decorations from Small Stump that would be PERFECT for my friend Christina’s wedding…I can see them all over her cake, or decorating little homemade cupcakes….[I was lucky enough to snag a bag for myself when they were still available!]

[image from Small Stump]

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  1. Jessamyn Harris

    how funny, I JUST shot a wedding where the florist had worked in a few of these little mushrooms into the flower girl’s wreath. She said she’d gotten them in the 70s in Germany, and had been holding on to them ever since, trying to figure out where to incorporate them. Finally she just went for it with this wreath, and they looked adorable, sprinkled in with a bunch of silk roses. Didn’t hurt that the flower girl was totally precious and loved to pose too!

  2. Erica

    I love Small Stump! I actually bought those mushrooms but haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet. I’m also using some of her birch tubes to hold breadsticks at our wedding!

  3. Jennifer

    How cute! I love these, they would look adorable in a garden or scattered around the soil of a potted plant!

  4. east side bride

    These are great! They have so much personality.

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