1. Kathryn

    That first one is so interesting – I don’t think I’ve seen a dress quite like it.

  2. Anna

    It would be really hard to pull off, that first one – but it’s really beautiful in its own way. I’d love to see a real bride wearing it! The silhouette reminds me of a traditional Korean han bok…

  3. Jenna

    Pleats! I love pleats and every time I find a dress with them I feel so happy. I would be estatic if I could just find one in my price range.

  4. Big Shot

    I love the last one!!

  5. diane zerr

    I had pleats along the bottom of my dress and at the top at my chest. My mom handmade it for me and the design was a Romona Keveza dress, it looks very similar to the last one shown here. I found it in 2005 and held on to that photo until we were married this past Septembet. It was more beautiful than anything I could have asked for!

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