1. One Love Photo

    I always want pockets in everything! Pockets in a wedding dress–awesome! I would have much fun taking photos of a bride with pockets. No need for flowers.

  2. Myra - twigs & honey

    Oh dear!!

    This dress is so absolutely stunning!! I am going to have to ask my hubby to propose again so I have a reason to get this dress. *sigh* I am a sucker for wedding dresses. It’s more like an affliction. Are you getting excited?? Your day is nearly here!! By the way.. the sweet lady that “won” the headband has not gotten in touch! Not sure what to do! All best, Myra

  3. olivier lalin

    like the dress, not sure about the photographer’s list to the right 🙁

  4. mosey handmade

    i looove the pockets! it’s like lauren hutton on the coolest day of her life…and um, in a wedding dress.

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  6. Donna

    The Wedding Dress with pockets is wonderful ! We photographed a wedding on the beach the Bride’s dress had pockets

  7. WOw!!!! Wedding dress with pockets is my dream!!!

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