Studio tour: Simply Jessie Photography

Name: Jessie and Eric Stevens (Jessie Speaking)
Location: Chicago Illinois
Company: Simply Jessie Photography

What is your aesthetic? Our aesthetic is simple, modern with a hint of whimsy.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? Our studio is full of space, sunlight and modern lines.  Both physically and mentally we strive to have space to allow our creativity to flow freely.  Our studio is mostly a lovely charcoal grey and a background to our creative endeavors.   We have work space complete with computers and paperwork coming out of our ears, along with a sofa to sit, read and chat it up with clients.  Our studio gives both us and our clients space to be themselves. We are passionate about capturing and telling each couple’s story through images.

Favorite part of your studio? My favorite is our big windows that spill sunlight into our space.  Not only do they bring in sunshine and a  summer breeze but also the cheerful sound of our neighborhood.   We are in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Square where there is always something going on, including lots of live music, festivals and good eats.  I love being in the center of it all, and our business being an active part of this lovely community.

Where do you go for inspiration? The natural world is where I glean my creativity and rejuvenation.  I believe that beauty is in the ordinary all around us. I take daily walks to stay connected to the nature around me and to escape my computer.  I put a lot of energy into gleaning all the joy I can from each moment that comes my way.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? Aperture.  I love Aperture for workflow and post processing of my images.  It simplifies the process of organizing, color correcting and pumping out awesome images.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? A dark room and a new polaroid. (I’m a little obsessed with Polaroids)

Anything else we should know? We love telling stories through images and meeting new people.  We are still booking weddings for 2010 and onward into 2011.  We’re friendly, so let’s connect!  Click here to check us out or you can find us on twitter and facebook as well!

[images from Simply Jessie Photography]

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  1. I’ve been to this studio and I have to say, it’s as gorgeous as it looks 🙂 Jessie’s an incredibly talented photographer and a fantastic gal!

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