Reem Acra

Reem Acra won my award for best in show!  I’ve always loved her dresses, and this collection was no exception.  Her details were total perfection with creative rouching, architectural ruffles and flowers, and lingerie inspired corsets.

The dress above (bottom left and right) had to be my absolute favorite…those pleats were perfectly modern.

The top dress (above left and right) has handmade ruffles, making it so no dress of this design is the same…fabulous right?

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

  1. Wow – these are gorgeous! And I have to agree, some of my favorites from the pictures I am seeing.

  2. Rita

    I love the way wedding dresses have pockets. I wish mine had pockets when I got married! I was carrying my lipstick in my hand during the whole wedding!

  3. LOVE pocket wedding dresses! Truly dashing!

  4. L. J.

    I loved my Reem Acra, and the attention to the fine details is exactly why. However, I’m still not a fan of the strapless gowns. Sad to not see even one gown that is something different above the bustline.

  5. Anne

    I LOVE those pleats. Gorgeous. Pockets would have been so handy for my wedding day lip gloss!

  6. I love any dress with pockets and the practicality of a wedding dress with pockets is not to be underrated! The subtle corset style dresses are very cool!

  7. Love all dresses with pockets such a great idea! Love the first dress too!

  8. I love the gown with pockets because it’s useful for putting your lip gloss in their but when it talks about usual wedding gowns, I would prefer the first picture.

  9. Joyce Falcão

    Hi. I loved the dresses … but wanted to confirm if the post is the first dress of “Reem Acra” … looked on her website and nothing .. and I would love to see this dress more closely or in a resolution better .. q will you help me?? Thank you and excuse the English crooked … I used the google translator … Kisses

  10. Joyce Falcão

    Thank you for real! The photos are beautiful and give good to see the details … love your blog … facebook and now your gonna be in my favorites! Again thanks very much indeed!! Oh and excuse the English bent over … Once again the google translator to help me!

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