Bonjour from Paris!

Allo everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Paris is absolutely amazing….especially the food….the smell of croissants and springtime permeate the air…its far too much to handle in only 4 days! I wish I could speak more french so I could just stay here forever, but alas, we’re heading to London tomorrow (yay for English speaking countries!) Here are some pics from what we’ve seen so far….

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

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  1. Myra - twigs & honey

    BEAUTIFUL, Vane!!!
    I’m so jealous!!
    I hope your wedding was the most spectacular day ever. From the sounds of it, I’m sure it was.
    By they way… you go run off with your husband and enjoy your honeymoon. You shouldn’t be blogging right now silly girl. hehe! Congrats!! Congrats!!

  2. Pamcasso

    thanks for sharing your pics. Enjoy your honeymoon- as myra said, you don’t need to be blogging right now! (I sense that your addicted).

  3. gift girl

    Congrats Brooklyn Bride!I want to congratulate our fave modern wedding expert on HER WEDDING! Have an amazing time in Paris! And know that your friends at Wishpot are a little jealous!:)

  4. Big Shot

    I can’t wait!!!!!!! I’ll be there in TWO weeks for my honeymoon. Recommend some good bargain shopping!

  5. Navillus99

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  6. Neil Cowley

    So fun to read through to this point…
    Soak it up!

  7. d.Sharp

    Oh, I hope Paris was a wonderful time for you and your husband! We went there on our honeymoon as well.
    Congratulations Vane!
    Best, Denise

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