notneutral City Plates

Chad’s office got us a set of these City Plates, and they really are the coolest thing! Not only are they great to eat off of, but they’d look amazing arranged on the wall.

[image from 2Modern]

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  1. roopa

    I love these! But woah they’re $$$ – lucky you for getting them as a gift!

    Also, thanks for all of your wonderful ideas and inspiration! I’m not engaged yet but I’ve bookmarked so many of your posts so that I can look back on them when I finally start planning my own wedding in Brooklyn!

    And congratulations on your wedding! And being in the NY Times!

  2. Pamcasso

    so great! really love these.

  3. Jamie

    Hey! Thanks for all of your helpful info! I really love the City Plate as well. The best part is they are microwave and dishwasher safe! Have you seen the rest of NotNeutral’s dinnerware? You’re so right–you can TOTALLY use them as wall art! I love the Black Links Serving Plate! It’s a little less $$$ than the City on a Plate. I did find this site that offers free shipping on some of the dishes–which helps cushion the blow a little bit. Congrats on the wedding!

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