1. i love the themed throw-back shoots! We had some friends do something similar and it’s so witty and vintage!
    these are terrific shots!

  2. ali

    Beautiful couple and i’m sure they are happy in love together but…I don’t think this style of photography is representative of a happy couple ready to get married. They are divided in almost every photograph. There is no interaction. except for the very last three photos. I’ve been seeing this trend constantly with couples standing a foot apart from each other sitting on a bench (like the unhappy farmer painting) and not smiling, i alway think is so odd and strange. Couples holding balloons are strange too, well props in general (vintage cameras, vintage suitcases etc.)

    sorry to be a downer, but I wish to se more interaction between the couple.

  3. Ashley

    Where did she get those GORGEOUS shoes!!

  4. I think these photos are fun and so beautiful!!

    I have to disagree with the previous poster regarding the couple looking divided and the lack of interaction. I counted 5/11 photos with obvious interaction between the couple, which is about half the pictures! A couple doesn’t need to be holding hands or kissing in every picture in order to represent their happiness. It’s fun to mix it up, and these photos have a great combination of interaction as well as fine art.

  5. one of the happy couple

    …actually, if you saw the rest of the pictures (www.taramcmullen.com), you’d see that most of them were us together…and all of them as a group were really reflective of us as a couple – i feel like both separately and together we are awesome, and that’s what those pictures are saying….but regardless, everyone does pictures for their own reasons – and our engagement pictures were not meant to represent us as a happy couple ready to get married, we did them for fun and to capture a moment and to get us used to having our pictures taken before the wedding….and the shoes were from browns in toronto

  6. one of the happy couple

    and thanks Ashley!
    sorry for being defensive, we just love our pictures!
    and hopefully everyone else does some that they love!

  7. I heart Bryony + Joey, and they heart each other. The end 🙂

  8. I had a great time working with Bryony and Joey! The photos turned out amazing!

    Did I mention Tara Mcmullen is the BEST?

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