Vendor reviews: invitations + calligraphy

Invitations: Jaime Viñas of Viñas Design
Jaime did our invitations as a favor to me since I work with his wife, and I love how they turned out! We worked together throwing around ideas, and ended up with a set that truly reflected Brooklyn, from Coney Island, to the cherry blossoms of Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Everything was very elegant, while staying very modern and crisp.

Calligraphy: Betsy Dunlap
Betsy’s calligraphy was the talk of the town once invites went out, and I was very pleased with how everything turned out! She did our outer envelopes in a custom green, which went perfectly with the ink used to print the invites. People told me they hung up the envelopes on their fridges along with the invitations, so that definitely says something! I asked her to also do our table numbers and some signage, which of course also turned out beautifully. She was a dream to work with!

[images by Belathée Photography and Brooklyn Bride]

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  1. Kate

    Great invitations and beautiful lettering! I do have a question about Betsy’s writing. I actually found her through you and I love her work. I’m thinking about using her for a couple of different projects I have going on, but I was reading another blog and somebody said that they had problems with the post office not being able to read her writing and invites not getting there. Did you have any of that happen? I can read it, but I just wanted to double check.

  2. Anna

    Love, love, love it! Gorgeous! Green is my favorite color, and I love your crisp, modern take! (Love the wheatgrass too.)

    It’s funny about Kate’s comment above though – I had really wanted to do similar calligraphy for our invites, but it was vetoed by my husband out of concerns about the legibility…

  3. Vane

    no one had any problems getting their invites as far as i know…they even made it to Egypt, London and Paris!

    don’t worry, my dad had the same concerns.

  4. Erica

    Vane, are you sure everyone got their invites? I also used Betsy but several went missing.

    One happened to be for my Mother’s brother. He lives in Queens and phoned me two weeks before the wedding as asked if he was “ever getting an invitation to this thing” I was shocked. I had assumed it had arrived and he just hadn’t sent us the card back.

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