The photobooth

I always wanted a photobooth, but the cost of it ($2000!!!) was definitely a deterrent. I asked Belathée what I could do, and they suggested hiring their friend Jerome to run a makeshift photobooth…he’s an incredibly talented photographer, and without hesitating or seeing any of his work, I was sold. I sewed that green polkadot fabric I had bought a while ago for the backdrop, but he also changed it up a little with the gold lamé fabric which was just hilarious. My girl R brought some cool props, I provided the Kanye West glasses and statue of liberty hat, and we were golden! The photos speak for themselves. If you’re interested in doing something similar, contact Jerome at Photomaton Chic.

[images by Photomaton Chic]

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  1. Valerie

    Love the photobooth!

  2. Darci

    Our photographers are doing something really similar! I love your results. Question – what size did you make the backdrop?

  3. kristin @ thefairmountbride

    how fun!

  4. Dubbs

    ooo me dig! so it’s the cost of hiring a second shooter, kinda?

  5. Big Shot

    Beautiful. We actually had a photobooth, and paid the $2000. But it pretty much looks the same as yours 🙂

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