1. I love that these guys took photos along with some of their personal treasures. I bet in 30 years, they’ll look back and get excited about those things the most!

  2. LOVE this engagement session. I would like to live in their house. So lovely.

  3. Cate

    Any idea who makes those lovely yellow shoes? I love them!

  4. Christin

    Wow, I look at this blog everyday and this is the first time I recognized someone:) Hi Jake and Laurel, I love your home and these pictures are amazing. Such a beautiful and happy couple. Congrats.
    christin and ben

  5. pete

    that last on looks like it hurt
    i hope he is ok

  6. esme

    i love their home! i’d take engagement photos at home, too, if it looked like that!

  7. Jen & Rhett

    Love the photos…love your home…love you both!

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