Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only post weddings from Brooklyn?
No, of course not!  Brooklyn Bride isn’t just about Brooklyn (though we do post about vendors and weddings from our borough from time to time), its more of what Brooklyn represents.  Its a wedding where you don’t care if everything is perfect, where everything isn’t pastel and frilly, or where you HAVE to have those pink Ecuadorian roses shipped in ASAP or your wedding will be a disaster!  Its about having fun, having a sense of humor, and letting your wedding speak to your modern tastes.

I have a wedding I’d like to submit, how do I do that?

Please send an email to Vané at brooklynbride [at] gmail [dot] com with the following:

+ 10-15 low-res images from the wedding, including detail shots [please no watermarks!]
+ A brief description of the day and vendors used (please include links to any vendors that need to be credited)
+ Let us know if the wedding has been submitted to other blogs or publications – if you are submitting to Brooklyn Bride we will assume that we are your first choice for posting.
+ Make sure you have the go ahead from all people involved before submitting – nothing worse than having to take a wedding down!
+ Also make sure that you have sent everything you want to send and that your information is correct before the post goes up – we cannot accommodate requests to add or change posts after they go live.

Someone will get back to you if we feel like the wedding will be a good fit.  If it is not a good fit, we will be more than happy to recommend some other blogs you might want to submit to.

You can also submit weddings via Two Bright Lights.

How about engagement shoots?
Pretty much the submission requirements are the same as posting a wedding.   However, due to the overwhelming amount of engagement shoots we get, there may be a few weeks that goes by until the shoot is posted.   Engagement shoots are posted on Thursdays.

What are these studio tours you do?
Since I’m an interior designer by trade, I’m pretty obsessed with checking out where people work, and figure other people are too.  So we started posting studio tours to give an inside look into where our favorite vendors make the magic happen.  If you’re interested in submitting your space, please be a vendor in the wedding industry, send over 5-10 images of your work space/office to brooklynbride [at] gmail [dot] com, and answer the following questions.

+ Name:
+ Location:
+ Company:
+ What do you do?
+ What is your aesthetic?
+ How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic?
+ Favorite part of your studio?
+ Where do you go for inspiration?
+ What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without?
+ Is there anything you’d upgrade to?
+ Anything else we should know?

Studio tours are posted on Tuesdays.

How do I join your vendor listings?
The vendor guide is a highly edited group of vendors who really stick with the modern aesthetic.  Vendors pay a low yearly fee to join, so if you are interested, please email Vané at brooklynbride [at] gmail [dot] com for a media kit.

I’m interested in advertising on Brooklyn Bride, where can I get more information?
Wonderful!  Please email Vané at brooklynbride [at] gmail [dot] com for a media kit.  It will have all the information you need.

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