Stop-motion save the date

When Trent Bailey Photography mentioned that he was thinking about offering a stop-motion film to his clients, we knew we had to team up. You’ll remember our couple from the cozy couples’ shower last month. Mike and Amber moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan a few years ago, and have enthusiastically embraced their Brooklynite identities. After chatting a bit with them about what they were thinking for their save the date, we decided that a Brooklyn-themed stop-motion save the date was in order. We wanted to showcase their time in Brooklyn since they are moving back to San Francisco (where Miya and Mike went to college together ages ago) next year. We also wanted to provide their guests a glimpse into how sweet and funny Mike and Amber are together. Sam Cooke has been on repeat since this summer, and we all thought “That’s Why I Love You So” would be a perfect song to use. Using quotes that they provided about one another, we came up with this save the date for them (our logos will be removed when they send it out, obviously).

This was the first of what we hope will be many videos, since You + ME* and Trent Bailey Photography have officially teamed up to offer stop motion save the dates to brides- and grooms-to-be who are looking for something unexpected for their save the date.

Trent Bailey and You + Me* are sponsors of Brooklyn Bride

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Stop-motion save the date inspiration

This week we’re going to finish off with some inspiration from the You + Me* girls for a stop-motion save the date video!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and see you here on Monday for the video itself…its a good one! – Vané

We love any kind of animation, and were dying to try our hand at a stop motion save the date after seeing so many amazing stop motion videos (see, for example here, here, and here) hit the internet over the last few years. Mike and Amber, our couple from the the cozy couples’ shower last month, seemed like the perfect couple for this endeavor; they’re fun, spontaneous, and love to try new things. They’re Brooklynites through and through, so we took old-school Brooklyn as our inspiration, along with healthy doses of Sam Cooke and fashionable bikes. We think you’ll love the finished product, and can’t wait to share it with you!

Image Credits:
1. Getty Images 2. Broken Silence 3. Feed Me Fashion 4. Jim Datz at Three Potato Four 5. Juggling Feats 6. 7. Matt the Cat

You + Me* is a preferred vendor and sponsor of Brooklyn Bride

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Boudoir session: Danielle

I’ll start out by saying normally I’m not a big fan of the boudoir session, but this one was so unique, I couldn’t pass it up.  Lauren had it shot for her girlfriend at an abandoned mansion, and its edgy and sweet, all at the same time.  Love it!

[images from Live It Out Photo]

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