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Kiss the Bride Films is a small team of Brooklyn-based artists offering a stylish and modern approach to wedding cinematography. We present your wedding day as a carefully curated feature — beautifully filmed and edited. Our cinematographers are discreet, discerning and unobtrusive, focusing on the intimacy and authenticity that make the day yours.  Informed by documentary and fashion film making and synthesizing photojournalistic and editorial styles, our fine art aesthetic emphasizes technical prowess, creativity and story-telling. We’re committed to creating a cinematic memory as singular as your celebration.

Leslie Satterfield & Alwyn Carrier

Creators of Kiss The Bride Films



Leslie Satterfield

Brooklyn, New York + New York, NY

( willing to travel )

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  1. Sophia Brooks

    Choosing Kiss The Bride Films to capture the details of our wedding day was one of the best decisions we have made all year. Leslie Satterfield was a joy to work with and honestly, I have not seen any other wedding videos that come close to hers in terms of style and originality. She took our wedding day and turned it into a work of art.

    Sophia & David Brooks

  2. Liz Beler

    The best gift Leslie gave me was when she filmed my wedding last May. I knew that she would give me the best video because she would never view a wedding as a formula but a piece of art. She truly captured the emotion, beauty, and love that day and she did it with a fresh perspective. The best part is that she wove a story together for me rather than filming an event. She looked for the hidden moments and details that lead to several pieces of filming heaven and not a documentary.

    Having worked in fashion and video at Ford Models I would not hesitate to recommend Leslie as a leader in the industry for both fashion and wedding videography. Her experience in fashion allowed her to take on this fresh
    perspective and also transform the landscape of the wedding video in my opinion!

  3. Nicki Radzely

    STOP SHOPPING… KISS THE BRIDE FILMS IS AMAZING, TALENTED, ARTISTIC, MODERN.. AND BEAUTIFUL! There is no one better in the industry that can bring it all together like Leslie from Kiss the Bride Films – she is the most amazing person to work with!! My friends are raving about her and my family found her to be the most amazing person to work with. She is the person you want, capturing your Day!!!

  4. Gregg Radzely

    I love her I love her I love her!!! Kiss the Bride Films is THE BEST!!! There are only so many people that you work with in your life that truly are as eager as you to see a project through and are excited to make you happy – Leslie is one of them!!! Totally cool, amazing, sharp and incredibly talented!!!! This was the best gift from our wedding! You will LOVE to work with her in the days leading up to the wedding, on your wedding day and especially afterwards – she listens, cares and is there for you!!!!!!

  5. Nisha Soni Millan

    Leslie I just want to tell you and Natalia that my guests commented on how subtle the appearance of Natalia and the assistant was – just what we wanted, that beautiful and timeless capture of moments by just being flies on the fall. Thank you.

  6. Jean Kim

    Leslie’s work is amazing! She created a highlight reel that captured the best moments and will help us remember how amazing our wedding was. She is incredibly sweet, talented and a true professional . From the very beginning she made sure she answered all my questions and I could not have asked for a better artistic cut of my wedding. Brides and Grooms– Kiss the Bride Films is just incredible. Don’t believe me? Check out her blog to see her work. Promise you will be 100% satisfied and will have a lifetime of memories on DVD!!!

  7. Laura Woelfel

    My husband and I were speechless when we first saw our wedding video. To say it is amazing is an understatement. When I posted the 4 minute highlights to my Facbook page, I received 30 comments on the video in the first few hours. Everyone who has seen her work is in awe! If you are looking for a videographer who has a unique approach, Leslie should be your choice. I really wanted a different way to remember our wedding and Leslie achieved that for us. The best part…you hardly notice that she is filming.

    The only thing we have left to figure out is whether Leslie will film all of our special moments because I want to cherish them all the way I cherish this video 🙂

  8. Estella Chen

    We just saw the results of our May 21 wedding, which was shot by Natalia and Lina, and we are beyond thrilled. We’ve basically watched it 100 times in the past day. The end results were so beautiful and perfect, and part of the reason was because Natalia and Lina were both so wonderful on the day of our wedding. They were on-time, no-stress, total professionals. The shots they captured were meaningful and gorgeous. I cannot recommend them and Kiss the Bride highly enough.

  9. Tracy Tan

    In my opinion, having a videographer is just as important as a photographer. I saw many videos which were typical; not creative and if that wasn’t the case then they were just way over-priced. Kiss The Bride Films stood out to me on many levels and after talking it over with my fiance, we decided to hire them.
    It turned out to be one of the best decisions that we made on our wedding day. They arrived on time with a smile and full of energy. Everything went according to schedule and they did an amazing and I mean an AMAZING job! Ray and Lina were extremely professional and easy to work with. We felt comfortable and at ease around them. My wedding party was surprised by how unobtrusive they were throughout the whole event. I can not voice how much my husband and I enjoyed working with Kiss The Bride. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to hire them again for other special occasions

  10. Samira Taher-Kolb

    We booked Kiss the Bride films for our wedding back in June after immediately seeing the reviews here on this very blog posting:) They definitely live up to your expectations and more. Before our actual wedding day, we met with Leslie and Natalia just once, and they totally got what we were doing with our wedding; the look and feel, and gave wonderful and creative aesthetic recommendations to make our video look cool, a bit retro, and just so memorable.
    We just viewed our highlight reel and it is to die for. So beautiful, creative, and memorable. A video to be proud to show off!
    The day of our wedding, Natalia and Nadia were so professional. They were accommodating, super nice, and you could hardly even notice they were there.
    We highly recommend Kiss the Bride for any couple who wants an artistic and special touch packed with great service.

  11. Evelyn K

    We hired Kiss the Bride Films for our wedding this past April and loved working with Natalia and her sister Juliana! They were sweet, personable and just pleasant, which made it seem like our friends were filming us, not strangers whom we met that day. Natalia was very accommodating during the entire day, following us throughout multiple locations to capture the multiple parts of our wedding. Most of time, we even didn’t notice Natalia working, and somehow she managed to capture all the major events as well as sweet passing by moments among ourselves, the wedding party, and the guests.

    We (and our friends and family) love the highlight video that was put together; Natalia put together all the right moments into it! We watch it numerous times, sometimes in one sitting. We are so happy we got to work with Natalia and highly recommend her (and Kiss the Bride Films, of course) to couples looking for someone to thoughtfully capture their special day.

  12. Simona

    We had originally hired a different videographer but after hearing many negative reviews we scrambled to find someone new. About a month before the wedding we found Kiss the Bride and they happened to have the day free. It was the best decision we made! Ashley and Bunker were super nice and very unobtrusive. When the highlight arrived we were bowled over. It is absolutely beautiful. My mother cannot watch it without crying. My husband who usually doesn’t have an opinion about these things said the video was the greatest thing he had ever seen. He said the same thing about the rough cut too. The quality is amazing and they capture all the right moments. I sent the video to all my friends and we got rave reviews. One friend said “your videographer ROCKS!” I would recommend Kiss the Bride to everyone!

  13. Carolyn Stack

    Oh my gosh. I have no words. Probably because I’m crying! This is so perfectly beautiful. You captured every special moment and every special person and the music is just….perfect. It’s beyond my expectations!!

    Thank you, thank you!!!! And just in time for the birthday party tonight!!!!

  14. Jessica S.

    We spent a lot of time researching vendors for our wedding, and were so happy when we found Kiss The Bride Films. Not only were they a pleasure to work with in the days leading up to the wedding, but they were absolutely amazing throughout our entire Wedding day. Alwyn & Andy are awesome and so talented…they were practically with us the whole day, but we barely even noticed them because they keep their distance while filming. They took our vision, and turned it into reality. When we received our trailer, we were floored at how well they captured the entire day, in just 6 minutes. They gave us a gift that we will have for the rest of our lives, and we can’t thank them enough. Look no further, Kiss The Bride Films is where it’s at!!

  15. Stephanie

    My husband and I are so happy we chose Kiss the Brides to document our wedding day. They were professional, fun, courteous and created such a special memory we can not thank them enough. Throughout the whole day they were as discreet as possible and only asked for certain shots during appropriate times (during family photos, etc.). The guests also commented how they never really noticed them filming. Kiss the Brides Films are not only videographers, but more artists that notice the smallest details from a bee flying around a flower to the pearls on the bride’s bracelet. While watching our highlight reel and finished video, we felt as though we were not only re-living every moment, but guests at our own wedding. The videographers listened to us, got to know us and created a beautiful piece of memory that is so customized with songs, decorations, etc. one could never mistake it for anyone else’s. There is no comparison of the quality and the caliber of work that Kiss the Brides produces, we recommend them to any engaged couple. We wish them the best of luck and success!

  16. Ashley

    Kiss the Bride Films was one of the best investments we made in our wedding day.
    Andy and Nadia, our cinematographers, were just awesome — polite, discrete and easy to get along with. With them, we felt like we were in really experienced hands. They knew just when to give direction and when to almost disappear. We felt so confident on camera, but we also felt comfortable and able to be ourselves. And by the end of our wedding day, we felt as though we had made friends.
    Our instinct to trust them was definitely on point. The film is everything we wanted and more. Personal, beautiful, artistic, and genuine. Funny moments, moments that made us cry, moments that took our breath away. They just understood us and understood our wedding, and we could not be more thankful that we chose them to capture our memories. And now we get to relive our wedding again and again.

  17. Jess

    When we saw our video we were speechless and blown away. My husband and I had tears streaming down our faces while watching. The video is perfection and we wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so so much for working with Kiss The Bride to perfectly capture the memories of our special day. We will treasure this video forever!!!! Absolutely love it and cannot thank you enough!!


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