Emily’s save the date

I wanted to forward you my fiance and I’s save-the-date that we mailed out for our upcoming wedding. We wanted to send out something somewhat unusual and different from the typical magnet, calendar, etc. Something that would reflect us and how we met. So we sent out two bar coasters per couple with our invitation design (that was inspired by my bouquet of button dahlia’s – pic also attached), and on the back of the coasters told the story of how we met at a funky little bar in the ‘Short North’ in Columbus, Ohio. The story on the back of the coasters went something like this:

Chris e-mailed me out of the blue one day.
Do you want to have drinks or something like that?
Something like that? Yeah, I’d like that.
We met on a Tuesday at a funky dive called Press Grill.
I’ll be the one in orange pants, I said.
He walked in and sat down across from me.
You must be Emily, he whispered with a smile.
I knew that night…
The conversation about our childhood, stories from our
lives that brought us to that moment.
Sweet, small talk. (over a mojito and a beer)
I knew that night…He was the one.

Anyway, wanted to share my save-the-date with you and possibly your readers.
The pic of our coasters is courtesy of C Studios Photography. Coasters by Seedlings.

[images from Emily]

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  1. Anonymous

    I also forgot to mention that the coaster design was done by our fabulous invitation vendor – Seedlings. The owner, Jenny, is wonderful! http://www.seedlingsonline.com

    Cheers – Emily

  2. Ms Unreliable

    Awww that is adorable! So nice to share that story with your wedding guests, and us of course!

  3. Adrienne

    These are perfect save the dates for you two! What a cute story! Oh and I love C Studios, if they are your photographer you are going to have amazing pics!

  4. Bridechka

    So sweet! This is very cute and personal, great idea and beautiful execution 🙂

  5. Kate

    i love the press grill! one of my favorite spots in columbus.

  6. Jen

    What a cute idea! Love it.

  7. Kristy@RiceInk

    Such a personal expression – I love it! So who came up with the idea?

  8. Amanda B. Young

    This is such a great idea! I love it! And the story is so sweet.

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