Elizabeth’s save the date

Love your blog and saw your post on STDs. Must share ours, which my future brother in law fashioned. We have just under 3 weeks to go, and am beyond stressed. When I saw your post I had to share just for a second to take me back to how happy and calm I was just a few months ago…

[image from Elizabeth]
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  1. Bridechka

    Wow that is GREAT! Sooo NY, I love it. How was it made??

  2. Elizabeth

    Photoshopped a photo he took. It was pretty easy, if one is adept at those types of things. We then designed the back as a postcard. My only suggestion when doing a STD postcard, is to make it oversized, some people tossed it, we believe, thinking it was junk mail. never got it 🙁

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