Leshia’s save the date

I have really enjoyed reading your blog while planning my upcoming wedding. You have a lot of unique, creative ideas that are so refreshing amidst the wedding hoopla!
Anyway, I thought I would share our save the date. We wanted to do something quirky, and decided to have our pets pose together; the dog is my fiance’s, and the cat is mine. They are actually wearing the signs, but we Photoshopped the text onto the signs. Our guests seem to think it’s pretty fun!

[image from Leshia]

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  1. Jamie

    LOVE. THIS. !!!!

  2. The Mrs.

    Oh love this. We’re planning on doign something simliar for when we move. But the dogs are going to be in boxes (or near boxes more than likely) and we’re going to write on the boxes “We’re Moving”.

  3. Joyce

    hahaha… very funny and original!!! Hats off for the originality!!

  4. Alya

    I love this one…

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