Carla’s save the date

Anyhooo….Dave and I are older (he’s 49 I’m almost 42) both of us LOVE LOVE LOVE music. I’ve had a bunch of Americana bands that I worked with as merch chick, den mother, group therapist, promo guru, photographer etc and Dave IS a musician (with a day job).

Since music is such an important part of both of our lives we made our save the dates cards to look like real concert tickets. Our invitations will look like a Hatch Show Print (a very cool place in Nashville that does amazing work and if we were having a bigger wedding I would have them do the actual invitation but I couldn’t justify it for 20-40 invitations when the min order was 100.) The whole wedding weekend is going to be one great big “picking party” since the majority of the guest list are either musician or sing.

[image from Carla]

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  1. Sharpiegirl

    Not even one opinion?!?!? I’m so sad! LOL!
    I just had to add the “who’lda thunk it” is because NO ONE ever thought I would get married again since my first husband (20 years ago) was abusive.
    The friends and family that have seen it so far(we’re handing them out in person) got it and were busting out laughing but I’m betting lots of you look at that and just thought HUH?!?!?

  2. Anonymous

    aw, i think it’s great!!! my husband and i are huge music fans, too! i wish i woulda thought of this when we got married… except… we eloped in Reno! 😉 hehehe

    congrats on finding love again!

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