Marie’s save the date

I have been a faithful reader of your blog for quite some time – all you have to do is google brooklyn AND weddings and it comes up =)
I just started my own wedding blog last week ( and over the weekend I ran a posting about my Save The Dates. I am not sure they are really groundbreaking but what I love about them is 1) they were SO affordable and easy to order – all online at 2) they are a gorgeous shade of green 3) our black and white photo really pops against the color 4) the quality was really awesome and we couldn’t be happier with the turn out.

I am born & raised in brooklyn and also a stage 6 bride-to-be so naturally our photo fits our brooklyn theme.

[image from Marie]

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  1. Sarah

    Love the green! My site is the same green!

  2. Amber

    just wanted to point out that I am loving all these save the date posts. Even though I think sexually transmitted diseases every time i see STD…

  3. Lola

    Love the Saves the Dates posted so far but not a fan of this one. It’s trying way too hard to be sophisticated.

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