You + Me* DIY: Stop-motion packaging

When we were thinking of how to deliver the video, sending an email with a link seemed way too informal, but sending an over-produced package didn't seem right, either. The solution? A DIY sleeve made to look (and work) like a record sleeve. We've provided a pattern for you so you can design your own jacket, along with a blank record so you can put in your own text. It could be super cute to use a custom stamp kit (kind of like these business cards or this wedding invitation suite over at design sponge), or hire a calligrapher to write out your names and the date of your wedding, then use that on the jacket and record. We opted for a transparent envelope with a wrap-around label so that the picture of Mike and Amber would show through, but you could also use any other 5″ square envelope. After you're done designing, the assembly is easy. Cut out your “record jacket” with an exacto knife (be sure you use a sharp one, or you'll get kind of fuzzy edges like I did) and ruler, and score the lines between the flaps and the front of the jacket. Fold with a bone folder (to make your creases nice and crisp), and glue the flaps to the back of the jacket. Use the record template to customize the template that comes with your cd labels. The possibilities are endless! If you're stuck, Trent Bailey and You + ME* offers custom packaging design along with stop motion save the dates.

Download the templates here:

Record graphic

CD packaging

Label sheet

[images from Trent Bailey]

Trent Bailey and You + Me* are sponsors of Brooklyn Bride

  1. josie

    Awesome idea! Absolutely love it.

  2. Thank you for these tips

  3. I’ve done this before, was really painful to create 500 in a row but such a great way to do this, and cheap too. Great blog! 😀

  4. Such a great idea. Esp if you and your lovah have great taste in music. Probably a good idea to recruit friends for construction!

    erica @

  5. Claire

    Hi there,
    Love this idea, can you tell me if I am creating the sleeve on photoshop what dimensions I should use?
    Thanks 🙂

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  13. Tehani

    Cute idea! where did you get the transparent envelopes? Trying to do these for our wedding and cant find transparent cd envelopes

  14. Nicole

    Working on these for our Save the Dates – what type of CD label paper did you purchase? I was looking at the Avery ones but it doesn’t look like it matches up to your template.

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