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Weddings often come with moving; one person moving in to another’s place, moving together to a new home, or relocating after the wedding. Why not take advantage of the summer months to take a road trip with your wedding photographers to get some travel-inspired engagement shots that you can use for a moving announcement after the wedding? For these shots, we took the ever-adorable Lauren and her equally cute boyfriend Aaron out of the city for the day with the lovely and talented ladies from Moss & Isaac, and ended up with a collection of on-the-road photos.

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[images from Moss & Isaac]

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We used photoshop to create a moving announcement postcard–we’ve provided a blank back for you (download it here!) to either edit using Photoshop or Illustrator or to write your new address on with good old fashioned pen and ink (or a rubber stamp!). You can even use an online printer such as greenerprinter.com to have your favorite photo printed on the front, and our download on the back. You’ve got so much else on your plate planning a wedding; cross the moving announcement off your list!- Miya & Elisabeth